Friday, January 30, 2009

Ribbon Share

For a Ribbon share, you can sign up for 1 or all shares. For the cost listed below you will get 2-3 yards of that kind of ribbon to play with. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of high quality ribbon that will coordinate with your projects for a fraction of the cost. I have put a picture of each category of ribbon below. You can go check out the catalog to see the other colors you will receive (pgs.178-179 in the spring-summer 2009 catalog)

1" Double Stitch Ribbon: COST: $8.64 (2yds of each 4 colors)

1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon: COST: $22.71 (3yds of each 19 colors)

1/2" Striped Ribbon: COST: $11.52 (2yds of each 6 colors)

5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon: COST: $10.24 (2yds of each 8 colors)

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