Monday, February 15, 2010

Bottle Cap Necklaces

I have learned from my friend Ami that bottle cap necklaces are all the craze with girls right now from elementary school through middle school. Here are some samples of bottle cap necklaces using our products. I have loved making these. The bottle cap you see on a necklace above is just one way to wear it. The other way is a choker, I am waiting on mine, and the bottle caps are magnetized so you can swap them in and out. I can't wait to get downstairs to make some more! I will be holding a class at my home on March 6 at 10:00am. Space is limited so make sure to let me know you are coming ASAP! Children under 8 years old need to have a parent with them during the class. If you need more information please e-mail me at

Keep Stamping,
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  1. Emily wears the bottle cap necklace you gave her every day! -- Ami


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