Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Crazy Life

I have not fallen off the planet.  I have just been consumed with my family this past week so I thought I would share.  Last week my daughter got strep and was down and out.  I was a crazy mom running around trying to air out the house and do every piece of laundry in hopes that no one else would get sick.  It worked because she is now well and no one else got sick.

That could not be it though.  On Monday the kids were playing football and Lorin tripped over her brother who had slipped.  Her two front teeth hit the back of his head.  His head is fine but her teeth were NOT.  Sticking out in funny angles and bleeding.  That took us to an emergency trip to the dentist who said all was well, luckily we are still talking baby teeth.  He said they would fall out on their own soon.

Next, Tuesday ,we went to an already scheduled dentist appointment where Lorin needed a filling.  This was her first one and she did GREAT!  No problems.  HOWEVER:  The dentist said the tooth sticking out at all angles needed to come out.  It was getting abscessed and it was inflamed.  She was already numb so I said go for it.  She had been in pain, not wanting to eat or drink and just miserable.  Soooooooo, the tooth came out.  Our dentist did an amazing job!  She had no idea it was even out.  He was just wiggling it just to see and it just happened to come out.  That is the story we are sticking with.

Today, she woke up and the tooth fairy had been extra special to her and brought her a little extra gift as well for her trauma:)  She wrote a note asking for something special.  She is feeling great, closing her mouth, eating and drinking and talking normally.  Maybe things can start getting back to normal around here?

So after all that, I will try to get some posts up and ready later today.  Be sure to check out all the October promotions on my right sidebar.  You don't want to miss it!

Keep Stamping,

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