Monday, March 7, 2011

Springtime Vintage Fabric, A Sewing Machine and ME!

Right now I am like the best mom in the whole world.  I guess we will see how long it lasts.  I say that the artistic and creative gene loses something each generation in my family.  My Grandmother is a fantastic seamstress, quilter and crafter extraordinaire.  My mom is the same but not as often.  She made our clothes, knits, cross stitches and stamps of course!  I can stamp and sew straight curtains and pillows (just don't look too close at the straightness of the lines).  Well, look what I did.  I found directions for this skirt online and my mom and I went to work.  I used my mom for assistance on my daughter's skirt but I sewed everything!  I then went on to making Kit's (the doll) matching skirt, all on my own!  Can you believe it.  I LOVE this fabric.  Then, just to test myself I guess, I made a pattern to make Kit the matching shirt.  I am now ready to work on MY matching skirt.  I will share that when I actually get it made.

Keep Stamping,

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  1. Super Cute! I know what you mean about each generation losing the gifts. I come from a long line of talented women, too...I stamp and cook, that's about it.


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