Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Founder's Circle: The Final Event

This is one of my new friends Connie.  She and I really connected this past week.  We are waiting to get on the bus to our surprise final event.

You thought we were going bowling right?  Well, we did.  WII bowling!  I did not do so hot! 

After our afternoon I came back to my room to "frosting".

Look at the beautiful sweater that was in the box!  I can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear it all the time.  The logo is even made of rubber.

In the evening I headed with a large group to an outdoor amphitheater called Tuachan.  We saw the musical Crazy for You.  It was very good!

All my "stuff" before I packed it all up.

Founder's was a fantastic trip and they spoiled us rotten.  It was hard to come home and not find a gift on my pillow when I went to bed.  I met so many new friends and really got to understand what Stampin' Up! is really made of.  They care so much about the demonstrator and that is because we have Shelli, our wonderful CEO.  How many CEO's would join their workers in pajamas and play WII bowling?  I love this company and would love to have you join my team to see it for yourself.

Keep Stamping,

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  1. Very cool Katy! I can't wait to see ALL the pictures and talk about it! Call me! :o)


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