Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bugs and Kisses

I have been wanting to spend some time on some sketch challenges and today was the day!  I had so much fun making this card for the Stamping 411 challenge.  My goal was to use a set or two that have been neglected so out came the bugs!  My son loves the cards I make but I am sure this will be one of his favorites.  He is 2 and one of his favorite things to do outside is play with bugs.  I feel so bad for the poor bugs because he is a little rough and most don't make it after he is done with them.  I am sure they see him and run the other direction.

Keep Stamping,


  1. Oh my gosh the magnifying glass is SO perfect for this card, love it!!

  2. What a great idea with the magnifying glass...brilliant!

  3. Great idea!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us!

  4. Too cute!! It is great to see you again Katy!! I loved meeting you at Founder's Circle and hopefully we will meet up again sometime!! Thanks for playing along with us!!


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